gotisch Textur Kalligraphie lernen. Übungsbuch PDF von FarbCafé, dein Kurs für Zuhause!

how would you feel if you…

  • could write greeting cards of your own?
  • your friends and family would love your calligraphy artwork every time again?
  • your friends and fellows ask you to write very special projects for them?
Start LEarning for 12,99€

Lerne die traditionelle Kalligraphie mit dem Übungsbuch vom FarbCafé
Julia Faßhauer von FarbCafé. Architektin, Illustratorin, Designerin.


aka FarbCafé

I felt like you the other day…

I know this feeling

Let me tell you, that this could be realitiy very soon!

You can reach all this when you learn calligraphy.
And doing so is really easy.

I wanted to learn calligraphy.
All the big and expensive books scared me a lot.
I really hate writing in expensive books!
My own learning speed depends on my „real life“.
I wanted to be a calligrapher so damn bad!

Pastellkreiden • Sorten, Marken und Einsatz-Zwecke übersichtlich erklärt!

Just some sweet hours a week

Learn calligraphy with the most effective method in the world.

Our brain learns with re-doing. So we’ll give him the chance to learn this way. With copying the first letters your muscles learn the movement and with the change between coping the real right proportion of the letters and doing it of your own you learn very fast!

The practice guides from »FarbCafé« (from Germany, means »colorful café«) give you all you need for learing in your own speed. You’ll train the right movemet of your pain from the beginning. There is no space for learning something wrong. Learning fast and easy with the biggest amount of happy feelings and sense of achievement.

learn with others and on your own

Kalligraphie lernen und dich mit anderen auf Facebook austauschen

We are a grwoing calligrapher community out there! Join us on facebook, twitter and instagram!

Post all your achievements with the hashtag #calligraphychallenge and have a glimpse what the others are doing!


On Instagram you can check out the hashtag #KalligraphieChallenge and have a glimpse what other beginners are creating!

Get inspiration and fiend new calligra-friends out on the web.

You can just take a photo of your letters and post it directly to instagram. Set the text #kalligraphiechallenge in your description and your photo will show up in our group of great calligraphy practice pictures. We all learn from each other and get our inspiration from here!

You will see: You are not alone and we all love to get in contact with you when you join our community!

Kalligraphie Lernen Antiqua Maike Stiska

your speed

You can choose how long a day you want to practice. You’ll have the guide sheets and you can grab them whenever you want!

Sheets over sheets!

The whole guide is a digital pdf file. So you are able to print the pages you need as often as YOU want! Just feel free to practice one letter twice often as the others.


We are getting more and more. Our community is growing fast and we all love tho chat with each other in the comments of instagram.


You’ll learn exactly what material is the best for beginners!

learning calligraphy is easy with the guide sheets

This guide starts where all the other books end!

The guide has just the right amount of explanations and nothing more than this. Instead of tons of text to read you’ll get a lot of space to practice!

  • PDF to download and print instantly
  • 32 pages
  • working sheets for practicing a lot
  • for privat use you can print it as often as you want!
gotisch Textur Kalligraphie lernen. Übungsbuch PDF von FarbCafé, dein Kurs für Zuhause!

now it is your turn

Fast results. I swear.

The Gotisch Textur calligraphy guide is the perfect way to learn »blackletter« calligraphy the easy and fastest way.

The Gotisch Textur calligraphy guide is your training parter while you do a great job practicing. Grow your skills up to the next level and impress all your friends and family.

Kalligraphie Challenge Übungsbögen zum Ausdrucken

wait, there is more!

Some more goodies for you.

Goodie #1

Printed guide sheets have a huge benefit against normal practicing books. You can lay them flat on your surface and work easily on them.

You can print them as often as you want. There will never be a page missing. You will never again have the situation, that you need just a little more space for your drills. Just print another sheet and go on!

Lerne die traditionelle Kalligraphie mit dem Übungsbuch vom FarbCafé

Goodie #2

Find tons of inspiration and fellows on instagram!

Use the hashtag #kalligraphiechallenge and #calligraphychallenge to join the growing creative community.

You will find loads of new challenges on instagram every month to hang up into the workflow. Get inspired and motivated by challenges from me and all the other creators out there.

Kalligraphie challenge instagram hashtag

meet your teacher

Hey! It’s me, Julia.

It makes me very happy that you are interested in learning calligraphy. This is such a great passion and I am sure you will fall in love, too.

Learning calligraphy is a hard mission but after all the efforts you will get great results. My practice sheets will help you go the easiest way of learning this fun new hobby.

I am asked on a daily basis:
What is the easiest way to learn calligraphy?
Are there other people who start right now at this moment with me?

Do I need a good handwriting for learning calligraphy?

I know the doubts when beginning with calligraphy! You’ll have them every time when you start something new. But you also learned reading and writing from scratch! You can do this! And I’ll take you on this way. The practice sheets will help you and the community will give you tons of inspiration. The pictures speak for themself. Let calligraphy inspire you and come with me to the world of beautiful written letters!

Julia Faßhauer von FarbCafé. Architektin, Illustratorin, Designerin.




Look what the others are doing on #KalligraphieChallenge on instagram.

Screenshots from Instagram

gotisch Textur Kalligraphie lernen. Übungsbuch PDF von FarbCafé, dein Kurs für Zuhause!
Be Proud Stay Nice Kalligraphie
Keep Calm - Blackletter Kalligraphie FarbCafé
Glitter - Blackletter Kalligraphie
Caipirinha Blackletter Lettering Aquarell Grün
Kaffee Blackletter Kalligraphie Aquarell
Getränkenamen Gotisch Textur Kalligraphie altdeutsche Kalligraphie
Du darfst glücklich sein - Blackletter Kalligraphie Aquarell blau
Rhabarber Blackletter Kalligraphie Lettering Aquarell Watercolor
Getränkekarte Blackletter Kalligraphie Buntes Aquarell
Glitter Blackletter Gotisch Textur Kalligraphie Lettering Übungsbuch Download PDF